A short excursion to Kasaragod

I will be anxious for that day when I am pondering the excursion. From youth itself it resembles that as it were. I used to appreciate when I will go from Alappuzha town to Alappuzha city for seeing my mom and siblings. It was just 6-7 kms.Eventhough I appreciated.

At that point the Pazhani travel with the bundle outing of deepa ventures was one distinctive experience. That was one accomplishment by keeping the sibling in cycle and to go Kidangara from Alappuzha town. In the wake of coming to Bangalore likewise I didn’t leave cycle. I will expound on that one day. I chose to go for the excursion when I wound up tired. So on 15 th June, from Aluva station Ogha express begun by 9 o clock. Basically I was looking outside in light of the fact that it was dull. The seats were empty.Inbetween I slept.I called my companion about 3.30.am.He comprehended where the train is by utilizing the application lxigo.About 4.15 train has come to Kasargod. The downpour has come when I was hanging tight for at some point. Inside couple of minutes my companion has accompanied the nano which is the sidekick of him. We came to house in the Ramdas nagar which is there in Kuduluv. There was substantial downpour. Woke up toward the beginning of the day and did nature calls. I had Kasargodan breakfast and took companion’s veego to go Madhur temple.One cousin was there in Mangalapuram.He will be there toward the evening.

It dislike Ernakulam – Vagamon trip in bike which was an extensive travel. At that point likewise this adventure was decent with the greeny area,the streets and the sheets written in Kannada.From Kudlu to Madhur course we can see Kasargod-Madur transport. I have visited this Madhur sanctuary alongside my family before.Now the support are going on there and it’s around 30 crore budget.Again we can’t find thusly. I comprehended the distinction by observing the front of Madhur sanctuary. The working was going on and water was there inside… ..I hung tight for quite a while to open the sanctuary. I have done Ganapathi homam and gone to see the lake which was there at the back. One transport was there to Kasargod before the temple.Then I called my companion and got some information about the following goal. He instructed me to go Kumbli to see Ananthapuram Padmanaba swami. We can see the seethamgeli course when will return from Madhur to Kasargod course. In that course in the event that we go 5-6 kms Mogral,santhippallam course can be found in the left side. That course was decent. We will get one Karnataka feel. In transit one glade and one lake. I got one great feel by observing that green. The dairy animals was washing in the lake. It was taking a gander at me too. The cow was not alone.Two more were there and was going to lake. I was watching that scene for quite a while. After that again I began to travel. More separation was there than I anticipated. The street was not terrible. At the point when the street will reach in the T shape, need to go in the left side. There we can see the street for the sanctuary. There are numerous vehicles outside. There were set ready for sitting in the entrance.After crossing the passage I headed inside. I was pondering! The wonderful sanctuary is there before me!It was encompassed by the water on four sides.There additionally I hung tight for some for darsanam. At that point began to see the sights.

I was appreciating over and over by observing the focal point of the lake. Someone was telling about crocodile. So I enquired about others and came to think about the crocodile lake. There were 2 sanctuaries close to that.The individuals were scanning for him.But I couldn’t see… .The I asked to one individual who was remaining close to me and he has demonstrated me with the finger. I couldn’t see clearly.Only the tail bit was unmistakable. I went to inverse side and attempted to see.
Then likewise couldn’t ready to see. In any case, the water was clear and can see the little fishes and stones in all respects plainly. I took photographs and came outside. When I called my companion he guided me to go for the nourishment. Again I came to Kudlu.
My companion called again and told that he will be late.Anyway I thought of taking one walk. Only inverse to Kudlu course I took some photographs by strolling. What’s more, saw one sanctuary without name.I returned to house. I have changed the Kukke trip in light of the fact that my companion turned out to be late. So I remained there around evening time. My relatives of my companion were telling about the crocodiles. At the hour of nivedhyam these crocodiles used to come in the lake where the sanctuary is! At any rate I missed that. The one well known sanctuary additionally is there it appears. To see the Ranipuram and Udhayagiri in any case I need to go Kasargod. Following day morning I returned to house in train. Its turned out to be more I think. Apologize me… … Thank you Jayan and his family for every one of your makes a difference

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