A travel to Austrian village

We as a whole are imagining that the Switzerland is the nation with such a large amount of normal excellence. Despite the fact that the other nation Austria likewise a nation where we can visit with less cost and it is a smaller than usual Switzerland.

About same land with nature,roads,hills,streams,big lakes After completing the Vienna rounds took lease A vehicle and began heading to Flacav, the Austrian town. I was driving in Europe from the start time. They didn’t give me the vehicle which I was reserved. They gave me one Opel station vagon. In street there is no U turn too. In any case I left from Vienna. Around 350 kms are there to drive. Subsequent to arriving at one high way the movement is through the wide open. One line street… yet in street there are no numerous vehicles. The voyage was in September. The delightful street and the greenish zones. I got one incredible level with 2 rooms. The perspectives were great. The set up was so decent. It was overseen by a ladies. One bovine shed is there connected with it and that additionally has a place with that ladies. There are numerous cows. There was a little stream. Nobody is there to hear our voice on the off chance that we call uproariously too. One forlorn house.

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