Lakshmi Sharma was once an actress in Malayalam cinema. The film world is shocked to hear of Lakshmi’s demand. Need a groom. Dulquer Salman and Suresh Gopi’s strong comeback is a film that comes to mind when you hear the name. But this film is not meant here.

The need for an actress who has been forgotten by Hollywood is now the talk of social media. Lakshmi Sharma, who was once a part of many films, had forgotten about marriage. It was only now that Lakshmi began to think about this life. The actress shared in the media that she needs a groom.

The actress says that she is very happy with the movie. Lakshmi, the heroine of the movie Palangi directed by Blessy, won the hearts of the audience. Apart from Malayalam, Lakshmi has acted in Tamil and Telugu dishes. Lakshmi, who was lucky enough to act as a heroine with many actors, is not getting any opportunities now.

The actress, who forgot to love actors or directors during her acting career, now realizes that it went wrong. Though the Malayalam industry has rejected this heroine, it is said that Lakshmi will break up if she gets another chance. Fans and Malayalam cinema are shocked to hear the words of the star.

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