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Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada Review: In a practically stuffed house for Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada in a multiplex on the primary day itself (amid this Cash Crises) obviously demonstrated me that there are sufficiently still enthusiasts of Telugu silver screen, urgently sitting tight for a decent film. Be that as it may, unfortunately at the end of the day they all are served the same commonplace stuff from the executive of Hrudayyam EKkadunndi and Tiger (2015), which ends up being a really regular extraordinary film in correlation that unexpectedly had an a great deal more fascinating trailer than the whole 140 minutes motion picture.

The tale of the film is about a joyful person Arjun (Nikhil Siddhartha) who gets pulled in to caring young lady Aisha (Avika Gor) because of a little occurrence. At that point Arjun proposes the young lady and Aisha requests that he wed. He arranges everything and Aisha neglects to appear at the Registrar’s office for the marriage. At that point his companions feel frustrated about him and helps him get over her. In the wake of four monotonous years, Kishore (Vennela Kishore) gets numerous identity issue and Arjun helps him to adapt up at Mahishasura Mardini sanctuary in Kerala. That is when Arjun experiences passionate feelings for Amala (Hebah Patel) in Kerala, yet neglects to propose her. Things pivot, when Amala’s address and personality both end up being fake and another young lady with a similar name enters his life. That is the place unusual things begin incident and Aisha reenters his life. What happens next structures the core of the story.

Envision this for me, on the off chance that you will Say that I See You (2006) and the Pisasu (2014) had a child, with a portion of the qualities of Norman Jewison and Peter New stream’s angle tossed in with the general mish-mash. That is essentially what you get with Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada. Coordinated by VI Anand, motion picture starts with puzzle instrumental track utilized as a part of the titles, showcases vivified surrender compositions (telling the backstory of souls/soul catching) and afterward continues offering everywhere throughout the top, adolescent romantic comedy scenes that frantically attempt to engage gathering of people with no real achievement. For example, you get everything from regular separate at enlistment center’s office, then a young lady with comparative demeanor meets and goes ahead to gain delightful experiences, imbecilic strides to clear identity issue issues and a decent soul trade point, then another body trade and recounts another normal captivation story, at long last becomes acquainted with the character of the spirit, its gets caught, yet some way or another profits at last. Which makes you essentially ponder that what precisely the creator wished to depict here for the sake of sentimental powerful thriller, it’s neither an alternate romantic tale nor spooky with no bounce panics in its 140 minutes of ineffectively composed stuff.

The motion picture had a splendid thought of showcasing a “sentimental profound undertaking” about perfect partners, at the exemplification of their affection. Executive VI Anand tries to assemble a fascinating reason by adding tribal back story to the film, however motion picture proceeds onward a normal note and just continues meandering in different subplots offering few intriguing minutes few and far between. In any case on the off chance that you are searching for a fascinating point or some captivating minutes or passionate sentimental scenes, than what we have as of now observed some time recently, then Anand doesn’t appear to be occupied with having a go at anything new or really new and keeps intensely depending on a similar old easy win equations portraying an ‘intriguing thought’ which humorously was likewise squandered by Bollywood creators.

The consistency calculates and silly story murders the anticipation very new and all entirely prosaic components truly make you ponder three names related in the film’s written work division. There are many omissions of rationale’s you will wind up feigning exacerbation, (Spoiler Alert)

1. How did Amala’s phantom escape from the tribal well in any case

2. There’s legitimate thinking about how Amala had Parvathi’s body. However, there’s no appropriate backstory concerning why Hebah needed to suicide/kick the bucket and that too twice.

3. Indeed, even in the wake of knowing Amala’s spirit got away from tribal individuals the first run through, Nikhil at the end of the day puts stock in them and requests that Kishore gets in touch with them

4. From first to last executive tries to showcase that Tribal individuals just catch souls for forever in the well, yet at last tribal head says, “Anukulamaina samayam chusi ee athma ni parmathamalo ekyam cheyyadaniki thesukelthunna” which was never showcased the film.

5. Mumtaz – Kishore romantic tale has a strong science between the team, however the she calls him uncle. Truly, who splashes for flatus removed by a developed individual.

6. Nikhil never tries to dispose of Amala’s spirit by whatever other means till the end and sends Vennela Kishore for this in the last min, even after knowing the reality about Hebah’s ownership with the assistance of her sister and Amala calling from Tamilnadu.

7. The arrival of Aisha into Parvathi’s body was not legitimately portrayed, as a soul can just enter when the individual wanna bite the dust for 1/tenth of a moment. Be that as it may, here she was just terrified because of brutality of Raja Ravindra.

8. Conduct of Amala appears to change with acting capacities of performers playing her. Why does Amala turn out to be sweet, charming and pure in Avika Gor’s shape while she displays strength and immature mentality as Hebah and tries to be dreadful as Parvathy?

9. Why Arjun who despises holding up never demonstrate a similar characteristic again? Well Amala displays love and trust for Arjun however Arjun recalls her simply after he spares a kid and comes back to his house. What sort of intimate romance or optimistic love is this? Typically, this wouldn’t have been a question yet promptly, Amala requests that he take a look at himself, had he not begun to look all starry eyed at? So what kind of adoration did he fall in?

10. Arjun gets pulled in to a man with comparable qualities over and over! Furthermore, never gains from his missteps. Goodness, portrayal of a young fellow who detests holding up since he needed to sit tight for a considerable length of time for a lady for his marriage, indicates only those progressions that script can manage! Is it accurate to say that it isn’t incredible?

The cinematography of the film by Sai Sriram is okay for the shoestring it was made with. The cinematographer ought to have worked a bit on the night groupings of the film. The pastiche foundation score by Sekhar Chandra declines to stay out of sight and always occupies from the story. The tunes are okay. Manager moving between the scenes could have been something more, similar to he moves from spooky base to direct discussion between the lead in the pre-peak scene. Exchanges by Abburi Ravi are great in parts like, “prema annesariki reachable lo untaru, Pelli annaka inaccessible lo untaru”, “prema lo padaka kanipinchina amma nanna ne mosam cheyagalgindi, preminchina valani mosam cheyadu anna ensure entaiyya”.

Nikhil is a fine on-screen character and simple on eyes, however here he tries too hard and to depict a straightforward character. Nanditha Swetha adds spunk to her threadbare character. Hebah is genuinely similar to capable as lively Amala and Neethu. Avika Gor is fine in her short part. Whatever is left of the characters offer great support to the lead cast.

All things considered, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is an oversimplified story component that appears to fill in as a well known silver screen, may be exhorted amid one on one sessions however being sufficiently strong to make crisp scenes inside the configuration, ought to dependably be USP of these sort of movies. One marvels what this story could had been whether it was taken care of by some skilled chief.

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