These things to be known while taking insulin for diabetes

while taking insulin for diabetes

There are many issues related to health. The diseases which are occurring nowadays are to be considered. If we take care some things can be solved many issues. The diseases are main issues which is affecting to the health. One of the main issue among this is diabetes. Many are searching for the different ways to solve diabetes. But our body itself producing insulin for controlling diabetes. When we are getting aged the insulin production also facing some problems. In old age people it creates many issues. That’s why the insulin injection can be given to them to solve diabetes related issues. We should do carefully some matters. That are:- Exercises. While taking insulin we are not supposed to do exercises for 4 hours. It will make more tiredness and weakness. So this kind of things should be kept in mind. And if we didn’t take food after taking insulin injection or had food at late will create health issues. That can cause sudden fall or rise in sugar level. So you should be careful. Pappaya best for diabetes

Weekly check up. We have to check for the sugar level if we are taking insulin injection also. So most of them are not knowing when to do the check up. The check up should be done weekly once. And the glucose level should be checked before food in one week and after food in the next week. This will helps to understand the levels of diabetes and variation. Not taken insulin. If you are not taking injection also should be careful by checking the diabetes. If the glucose level is uncontrollable can consult the doctor and take injection. When you get the disease also the glucose level should be checked and maintained. But we can control the diabetes through proper diet. Let us see what are those food items.

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