Mallu actress bavana new look come back

Mallu Bhavana is an actress who once captivated the minds of Malayalees. Even today, no one can forget the imagination of the common man in the super hit movie Nammal. Although we started with cinema, the actress was able to shine as a heroine in many Malayalam films later.

Most of the films he has acted in have won the hearts of the audience. Now the imagination can not be seen in Hollywood. It is a natural thing in Kerala to stay away from movies after marriage. But even here the imagination remained the same. Imagination is left only in Malayalam. It has therefore established its own presence in the Kannada industry.

Bhavana was married to Kannada Naveen. Naveen is a man who has been brought back to life with support from the adverse circumstances of his life. Naveen also played an important role in Bhavana’s life. Now Bhavana is the daughter-in-law of Kannada people. Though not very active on social media, Bhavana occasionally appears in front of audiences, including Malayalees, by sharing his latest films.

Bhavana’s latest photoshoot making video is currently in the media. Fans say that there is no change in the beauty even when it comes to different costumes. The video was streamed on an Instagram page called Jagger Anthony Fashion.


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