Most Stupid PRANK In India. K!ssing Random Girls In The Name Of PRANK

Most Stupid PRANK In India. K!using Random Girls In The Of PRANK. Torture is not a fruitful form of interrogation. But what if the whole objective of torture is to only inflict an ungodly amount of pain and watch the victim squirm? I’d say pain can be hugely satisfying. Before you decide to brand me a psychopath, look at this video.The Crazy Sumit, an utterly despicable channel on Youtube recently uploaded this “prank” video of a guy who walks up to random women and kisses them. This guy commits a series of sexual assaults on camera and labels the compilation as the “funniest Indian YouTube prank of 2017”. Still, think torture isn’t a good idea?I’d like to implore the 2.3K likes of the video and 152K subscribers of this guy’s channel. Please do not normalize such acts by viewing them as “pranks.” Violating a woman in such a manner must never be construed as funny.In conclusion, FUCK YOU Crazy Sumit. You’re truly a miserable excuse for a human being.
Source : Storypick

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