Nipah Virus – Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention

In an unfortunate event, many people died because of Nipah Virus. The virus is quite a deadly virus and as of now, there is no known cure for Nipah Virus Infection. If you travel frequently then you must take a lot of precaution and moreover, you must know about symptoms of the Nipah Virus Infection so that you can stay safe. Here are more details about Nipah Virus

What is Nipah Virus?

Nipah Virus is not a new virus. It was first identified in the year 1998 and it was identified in Singapore and Malaysia. During that time, the Nipah Virus Infection was mainly caused in pigs but somehow, it was also transmitted to humans. Later, there was no significant news about the spread of Nipah Virus

But later in 2004, it was found out that the virus was being transmitted through the bats as well as pigs and humans were also suffering from this virus. One of the major cause of the Nipah Virus Infection in humans is consumption of fruits infected by fruit bats.

It was also confirmed that the Nipah Virus infection was communicable from one person to another because it is an airborne transmitted infection. It can also be spread through the interaction with the bodies of the people who suffered from the infection.

Nipah Virus – Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention
Nipah Virus – Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

What are the Symptoms of Nipah Virus Infection?

As per the researchers, some of the symptoms of Nipah Virus includes

  • Brain Inflammation which can result in disorientation, confusion, and drowsiness. Headache is another symptom which is caused because of brain swelling.
  • High fever is another symptom of Nipah Virus Infection and that leads to many other complications.
  • There can be other respiratory, pulmonary and neurological signs as well and in case of any doubt, you must check with the doctor.
  • If these symptoms are left untreated for 24 to 48 hours then a person can even slip in a comma.

Moving ahead, it is known that humans are mostly infected by the animals and as per an estimate, 40% to 100% of the victims may die after suffering from Nipah Virus Infection.

How to Stay Safe?

You must know that there is no vaccination available for immunity against Nipah virus and hence you must practice a lot of precaution. As per the information available, Nipah Virus can be treated with regular care but the statistics of deaths are really alarming.

To stay safe, here are some of the precautions you must exercise.

  • Do not consume raw date palm sap as their fruit bats mostly consume that and it can get infected if the bat is infected with Nipah Virus.
  • If you suspect anyone who is suffering from the infection then the person should be quarantined and must not come in contact with such person.
  • Avoid traveling to a region where people have reported the cases of Nipah virus infection and wear a mask as well as gloves while attending patients or traveling anywhere.

This was all about Nipah Virus and remember that the precaution is always better than cure.

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