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Criticism and cyber bullying is something that most actresses in glamor costumes face. But most of the actresses face such problems lightly. Now, actress Nora Fatehi has gone through this situation. Criticisms have been leveled against the actress that the clothes she wears in glamorous outfits are not meant to be worn in public and that fashion is not a place to show any ugliness.

Actress Nora arrived in Mumbai as part of an inauguration. After the inauguration, the actress was surrounded by a group of photographers as she got into her car. As soon as she saw it, the actress got out of the car and shone in front of the cameras. Nora’s video and pictures have gone viral in the media in recent days.

Canadian dancer Nora is set to make her acting debut in the film Tigers of Sundares. She is also active in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada industries. Nora has a lot of fans in India. Nora’s item dance in Kayakulam Kochunni starring Nivin Pauly had created a lot of waves among the Malayalees.

The Indians were fascinated by the lively dance and beauty. In many interviews, the actress has openly said that the support she is getting from India is huge. Anyway now social media is taking over Nora’s glamor pictures taken by photographers.

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