reema kallingal in iffk stage show

Rima Kallingal is the second runner up in the Miss Kerala 2008 pageant. The very next year, the actor got a chance to go into cinema. Rima made her film debut with Shyam Prasad’s Ritu. Apart from Rima, Asif Ali and Vinay Fort also played other important roles in the film.

Although the film was not very successful, it did gain a lot of popularity. The actor later got lucky to act in the movie Neelathaamara. The film was a huge success, playing the role of a country girl. It was after this film that a lot of opportunities came up for the star.

But it was with the film 22 Female Kottayam that it started to gain more fans. Rima Kallingal is a multi-award winning Filmfare Award winner. She is not only an actress but also a great dancer. She even has her own dance institution.

The actor is always reaching out to the fans by sharing the news on social media. Rima’s new dance video, which has been danced in many venues, is now making waves on YouTube. The actress arrives at the IFFK stage with dance steps. His video went viral on social media through the YouTube channel Sin Home.


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