The benefits obtained by the intake of sesame seed

intake of sesame seed

Intake of sesame seed will provide many benefits and also it is the solution for many health related problems. Sesame seed contain many calcium and amino acid content. It have the ability to maintain the sugar content in the blood and that is why its a good choice of food for the diabetic patients.

The sesame seed is grinded and it is mixed with milk and have it , this is very good for health. The women should take one teaspoon full of dried grinded sesame seed powder one week before the menstrual flow it will decreases the stomach pain. To increase the fairness of the skin, take some sesame seed and gooseberry and grind well and these powder is mixed with honey and apply on the face. When we give sesame containing food items to the children it will increase the ability of concentration of brain, cough and mucus can be removed and it will help for this.

The sesame seed will provide smoothness and black colour to the hair. The sesame seed can also be used to get relieve from throat pain and the diseases that are affected in the throat and mouth . This contain the lignin content in higher amount and it have the ability to reduce cancer. To reduce the diseases affected in the joints can be relieved by sesame seed. Sesame seed will also help to inhibit ulceration. And like that the diseases caused due to the decreased protein content can also cured by sesame seed.

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