The papaya – rich in nutritious

The papaya – rich in nutritious

The papaya is a fruit which is rich in nutritious. It will be growing in the yards of our in village as per it’s wish and it is very tasty in ripened and without ripened. It is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins. The papaya is good for reducing the weight. This is stated by the nutritionists.

The fat in liver is removed by the papaya it seems. It is rich with many fibres and less in calorie. So it is helpful for the weight reduction. The reduction of fat and hungry is done by the papaya.

It is also helps for digestion and prevents constipation. The fibre in it will give out the poison from the body.

The bad cholesterol is removed and good cholesterol will make to remain in the body because of this.
The unripened papaya is good than ripened one. Because the papain enzyme,which is helpful to reduce belly fat is rich in unripened papaya than ripened. The people who are liking to reduce the body fat can have papaya juice and salad.

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