viral short film dhe paalu short

Hwasa viral short films are taken over by movie lovers and audiences more than movies. Web series and short films released on YouTube are now gaining ground. Karik is an important example in Kerala itself. They started with the web series Tera Para and are now well-known folk actors. Many people have been to the movies.

A different story is the secret behind such web series. Many people have worked hard to make Hwasa films with different stories and expressions and have not seen much success. Others receive a standing ovation from the audience and receive excellent support for each video released later.

Therefore, it is a time when Hwasa films are given as much importance as movies. Many pictures get views and responses that you can’t even dream of. But now another Hwas movie Dhe Pal is trending on YouTube. Released on January 1 last year, this short film is now catching the attention of the audience.

In the short film Dhe Pal, the director tells the story of a girl and a boy selling milk in a beautiful village. The main character is played by Elizera Roy. Written and directed by AR Subhash. The script is written by Santosh Kaimal.

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