What should do to prevent the diseases in rainy season

prevent the diseases in rainy season

It is rainy season,right? The nipah virus diseases are spreading. Are you taking any precautions to prevent the diseases? Don’t be more silly. The diseases can spread in any ways. The cool climate and water blockage in roads also will cause for this. We should follow some ways to prevent the diseases.

Let us see what are those ways.

  1. Use foot wares always. It is good to use inside the house also.
  2. Don’t treat yourself for the diseases.
  3. Wash the hands before the food.
  4. Eat foods with hot.
  5. Drink only boiled water
  6. Don’t make the water to settle in house and surroundings.
  7. Prevent flies.
  8. Add chlorine to the well every 2 weeks. The chemicals can reach in any ways
  9. The bottles,plastic cups are the sources of mosquito breed. So better to avoid or spoil this.
  10. Don’t drink drinks which is brought from outside.

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